Understanding the concepts behind NeRF and Neural Rendering


In this article, we will start with an explanation of what is Computer Graphics (a very short introduction, with a brief on volume rendering and view synthesis). We will then have an overview of what is Neural Radiance Fields and how it is used in view synthesis.

I will also give the model used by NeRF in a gist code that can be used to get the code running. But remember that it is not the entire code so if you copy it and try to run it in your code the probability of your code working is negligible. …


The article provides a background on visual scene understanding of indoor environments and what method can be applied on each stage. The article covers at a high-level indoor scene understanding in a step wise approach with steps image recognition, object detection, semantic segmentation, physics-based reasoning, object pose estimation, 3D reconstruction, saliency prediction, and a holistic approach. The performance metrics used for evaluation in different steps can be seen at last of article. Before proceeding it would be better to highlight that the article is not having any codes that will be required to achieve the results for indoor object detection…

Original Author:

Hongwei Yong, Jianqiang Huang, Xiansheng Hua, Lei Zhang

Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Article Link: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2004.01461v2.pdf

Date Published: 8 April 2020


Deep neural networks are types of neural technique which focuses on to simulate human brain activity for understanding various patterns and recognize the desired outputs by using multiple layers of perceptron (Input, Output and hidden layers).

Deep Neural networks rely on many optimization techniques. The two major goals for a DNN optimizer is accelerating the time to train the model or accelerate training process and improve the generalization capability of the model or avoiding…

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